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Did my two beautiful senior smodels makeup today for Worlds Day 1!!! Love my beautiful @riley_dorn and @maliezybeezy!!! #smoed #calismoed #smamily #faithoverfear #californiaallstars #worlds2014 (at Orlando World Center Marriott)
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In love with my friends who let me sing for them because I love singing

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Anonymous: Am I the only one that thinks Angel Rice is rude?

Okay, I’ve heard she’s really ignorant..but I’ve met her multiple times and she was alright. I do get this vibe of arrogance when I’m around her tho…

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yeah but they just have rays URLs? I wouldnt consider myself a stars blog

Lol true. I’m not specifically a rays blog😂 but hoooahhhh

To whoever reblogged a picture of frosted animal crackers the other day, I just got some so suck my ass